Pathway to Antibiotic Stewardship

Providing a clear PATHWAY for rapid treatment of infectious disease by empowering physicians.


PROMUS DIAGNOSTICS provides a clear PATHWAY for rapid treatment of infectious disease by empowering physicians with relevant and personalized information ensuring Antibiotic Stewardship.


PROMUS PATHWAY offers comprehensive clinical laboratory solutions for Physicians across multiple specialties including Urology, Women’s Health, Family Practice and Pain Management.



Promus Diagnostics works closely with patients and their physicians to provide the highest level of customer service and laboratory test accuracy.


Real-time PCR

PROMUS PATHWAY utilizes molecular Real-time PCR technology coupled with customized proprietary panels of multiplexed microbes and antibiotic drug resistance targets which provides precise results enabling treatment within 24 hours.

High Resolution Melt (HRM) Capabilities •  Mutation Detection  •  SNP genotyping  •  MicroRNA profiling

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PhenoPathway™ Rapid Phenotypic Susceptibility Testing

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate at least 2 million people each year are infected with antibiotic resistant bacteria across the U.S.

Using the PhenoPathway™ system with positive qPCR test results, Promus Diagnostics can substantially reduce the processing time by testing directly from positive urine samples, which enables clinicians to provide patients optimal therapy up to 40 hours faster than conventional methods.

Decreases time to effective therapy  •  Optimize therapy specific to patient  •  Improve patient outcomes  •  Decrease Antimicrobial Resistance  •  Lowers cost of treatment  •  Meaningful antibiotic stewardship

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Promus Diagnostics is committed to providing the highest level of satisfaction for our physician clients and patient customers.

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