Customer Care

Customer Care

Our commitment to our customers is to be more than just a lab service provider, we are also a partner. Promus Diagnostics personnel take great pride in their role supporting clinicians in providing exceptional patient care.

Practice Service Consultants (PSC) are the foundation of our steadfast commitment to service and support. Our PSC is immediately assigned to each practice to ensure the most seamless integration of urine drug testing solutions into the medical practice’s day-to-day office workflow. The PSC will also lead staff training and conduct regular follow up visits, helping to ensure complete satisfaction.

Toxicology and Infectious Disease Experts are just a phone call away, ready to answer important questions about toxicology or UTI testing results, or aiding in interpretation of those results.

Certifying Scientists certify the accuracy of each test’s results before any test results leave our laboratory. Promus Diagnostics Certifying Scientists review every detail of the test results, certifying the reported findings against proven verification definitions.


Our Customer Service Team is dedicated to supporting all administrative and online needs.

Customer Service is reinforced by our expert team of scientists and clinical support staff. We are dedicated to delivering services at the highest standards while offering state-of-the-art science ensuring the best possible outcome for medical practices.

To contact out Customer Service Team, please call (855) 464-4636 or email