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Who We Are

Promus Diagnostics is a high-complexity CAP-Accredited & CLIA-Certified laboratory that utilizes a team of experts and state-of-the-art technology to deliver accurate and timely results.

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Definition of Promus - latin meaning stewardship

Promus Diagnostics

Promus Diagnostics provides a clear PATHWAY for rapid treatment of infectious disease by empowering physicians with relevant and personalized reports.

Our commitment to efficient and accurate testing empowers healthcare providers to make informed decisions, optimizing patient care and contributing to the global effort in combating antibiotic resistance.

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We make testing simple

Efficient Turnaround

Our seamless end-to-end process allows us to deliver results efficiently and accurately within 24 to 48 hours of receipt.

Trusted Accuracy

All testing is completed in our CAP Accredited & CLIA Certified Laboratory, focused on delivering fast, accurate and reliable test results.

Paperless Process

At Promus, we use a paperless process, saving time and efficiency on both ends. We provide all the supplies and the samples are shipped directly to our location.


Consistently deliver precise, timely, and actionable clinical results while growing a healthy company.


Attract and retain relationships with amazing people who maintain a strong sense of urgency, truth, honesty, integrity, transparency, and are passionate about our mission.


Continuously explore and discover diagnostic solutions capable of dramatically improving healthcare throughout the world.

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Promus Diagnostics is a full service lab located in Southlake, Texas that leverages cutting-edge lab equipment and proprietary testing methodologies to ensure precise and reliable results across a wide range of diagnostics tests.

Medical Practice or Business Owner?

Interested in collaborating with Promus Diagnostics for your testing needs of your medical practice or business? Contact our business services team to discuss how Promus can meet your needs.