Our multidisciplinary team specializes in understanding the needs of clinicians and executing their vision for ideal clinical laboratory services. We balance cutting-edge technology, unsurpassed service and in-depth regulatory knowledge to bring clinical innovation from our lab to your physician practice.

As a clinical laboratory management and service entity, Promus Group designs and markets specialized molecular infectious disease and pathology testing services. We are experts in designing clinical laboratory business models and diagnostic testing protocols tailored to physician needs.

Recognized as laboratory design innovators, Promus Group principals are leaders in delivering creative testing models. We provide personalized diagnostic information allowing the best outcome for patient’s, while delivering physicians a system that fits within their practice protocols and workflow. Most important, Promus Group’s unique skillset gives clinicians greater peace of mind knowing that our testing models follow strict compliance guidelines, coupled with the personal service and attention to detail at which Promus Group excels.

Big laboratory strength without bureaucracy. That’s just one more of our innovative ideas.

“Innovation means the creation of new value and new satisfaction for the customer.”

— Peter F. Drucker

Trust, The Essential Ingredient In Any Business Relationship.

… because a contract or proposal is a promise of future service.

Whatever your role in healthcare delivery may be, you can count on Promus to stand behind our promises to you.

Whether you need a specialized laboratory to handle your patient’s critical specimen testing or a complete physician office laboratory solution to fulfill your vision, Promus Group is ready to respond.

We offer decades of experience in creating smart, cost effective diagnostic testing services. You can see this in innovative ideas such as in our PhenoPathway™ antibiotic susceptibility testing, responsible reflex testing protocols and dynamic test panel designs … concepts highly value by physicians and all developed by principals of Promus.

Using technology to help provide customer value, Promus has systems and instrumentation available which provide rapid turn-around-time (TAT), precise personalized results, and easy-to-read electronic reporting that flows into your practice EMR system.

We offer these services and capabilities because we understand that clinical laboratory testing isn’t your business. It’s ours.

Diagnostic testing needs often require quick and resourceful solutions. Promus can help.

First, because we are problem-solvers and experts in providing complex diagnostic solutions, we can implement a laboratory system or model that meets your needs. And because Promus operates and manages all our laboratory systems, we personally implement each customized laboratory solution. Responsiveness won’t get lost in a bureaucratic shuffle.

That’s on way we perform. Another is by providing fast response and on-time delivery when you request a proposal – even on short notice. We follow this up with deadline-sensitive turnaround on statements-of-work (SOW) and decisive action once our proposal is accepted.

That’s also when you’ll find our contracts conform exactly to what we proposed and what you expected. Then throughout our relationship, we’ll monitor key analytics such as sample TAT, requisition QC, RCM, report delivery, and inventory control to name a few of our ongoing management services.

Because we think keeping customers is as important as winning them.

“In the best institutions, promises are kept no matter what the cost in agony or overtime.”

— David Ogilvy


Promus Diagnostics is passionate about providing clinical laboratory solutions which strengthen physician practices with complimentary services and which add genuine clinical value by improving patient outcomes. We are focused on providing physicians with opportunities to improve their value while generating a healthy return for our partners and shareholders.


Promus Diagnostics consistently employs and contracts experienced laboratory professionals dedicated to delivering client services which are second to none while utilizing standardized processes and procedures designed to deliver continuity, efficiency, and client-driven solutions. We are committed to creating positive and challenging work environments that foster personal and professional growth, encourage open communication, taking initiative, teaming, constantly striving for excellence and establish a healthy work-life balance.


Ty H. Bruggemann
Ty H. BruggemannPrincipal
David Panter
David PanterPrincipal
Dudley Jordan, JD, CPA, CFE
Dudley Jordan, JD, CPA, CFEPrincipal
Matt Farris, JD
Matt Farris, JDPrincipal


James Davie, MD, PhD
James Davie, MD, PhDMedical Director
Rocky Williams
Rocky WilliamsOperations Manager
Nicol Gonzalez, HT(ASCP) QIHC
Nicol Gonzalez, HT(ASCP) QIHCDirector of Laboratory Operations
Julia Bruggemann
Julia BruggemannAncillary Services Supervisor


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